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Why Get Involved with Protandim?

4 Key Reasons or Criteria Why You Should Get Involved With Protandim:
The Four Key Criteria: Detailed.

1: The Product Protandim: is a unique consumable only available from Life Vantage:
The product is clinically proven.
The product is patent.
The product Protandim does improve health.

2: Marketing Tools: Easy to share information with others:
Celebrity Donny Osmond uses Protandim Dr. Phil Show
ABC's Primetime live Featured Protandim.
Why Get Involved Link: http://www.healingwithnutrition.com/products/protandim/whypro.html
Protandim Links: http://www.lifevantage.com/products/protandim/what-is-protandim/
Protandim Links: https://healingwithnutrition.com/products/protandimo.html
TrueScienceLink: http://www.lifevantage.com/products/truescience/how-truescience-works/

3: Market Saturation: Life Vantage is a new company with two years of strong sustainable growth:
Life Vantage is expected to have exponential growth for the next few years.

4: The Company Life Vantage: has a solid foundation established on sound business principles:
Life Vantage is a public owned Company traded on the NASDAQ: (LFVN)
Life Vantage is governed by a 7 member board of directors.
Life Vantage holds patents on the products.
Life Vantage continues research.
Life Vantage ethically and truthfully promotes its products.

Click here for more details on the: Criteria.

How you can get involved with Protandim: Talk to the person that directed you to this web page. They will help you with our easy three step process to get involved with Protandim. They will also answer any questions you may have and can help you. They have access to a dedicated and knowledgeable upline that will also help you be successful.


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