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How does Protandim Work?

Many ask the question how does the proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that are found in Protandim work. The best answer is given by Dr. Joe McCord in the link. Just like you are more productive, can get more done, when you feel healthy and have a good day, the cells of your body can do more, can get their job done better when they feel better. When the oxidative stress level in the cells of your body is lowered, the cells are less stressed and feel better, they are in a better position to fight for Life and Health. The proprietary blend of Protandim is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in the body.  Click the links to learn more.

Protandim is currently being researched at several universities. Dr. Joe McCord gives an example of some of this research in the video link below. This was a live presentation given to Protandim distributors to educate/teach them why protandim is different. As such the presentation has a little more "hype" than we typically like, but is loaded with key technical details.

Timed Sections on the web Video:

04:30 to 09:00 Protandim: Is peer reviewed.
15:00 to 19:40 Protandim: And Cancer?
20:40 to 26:00 Protandim: How it Works?
26:00 to 32:00 Protandim: What it Does?
33:15 to 36:25 Protandim: Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Inflammation, Arthroscleroses, Type II Diabetes, Artery Calcification.
36:30 to 39:00 Protandim: Promotes Cell Survival!!
See Video
We recommend the whole video, but if you are short on time pick sections from the list above. 

We understand that you would like a specific guarantee regarding the health challenges you are dealing with, and as you know we cannot give such a guarantee.  The FDA has strict guidelines regarding how products can be promoted.  Click the FDA link to learn more.

The bottom line, we can say that protandim is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress and that we believe this stress reduction may help you with your specific health challenge.  The guarantee we can give is the companies 30 day money back guarantee try Protandim for 30 days.  If you are not satisfied, simply contact us for your hassel-free product refund..  Click the links to learn more.

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