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Protandim Research

Protanim and its unique oxidative stress reducing effect and how this effect improves health is tracked on the pubmed.gov web site. The pubmed site and our site will continue to be update as more universities and their research is added to the list.

  1. Upregulation of phase II enzymes through phytochemical activation of Nrf2 protects cardiomyocytes against oxidat stress
    (Nov. 29, 2012, Colorado State University)
  2. Antioxidant for the Treatment of Patients with Severe Angioproliferative Pulmonary Hypertension
    (Sep. 28, 2012, Virginai Common Wealth University)
  3. Phytochemical activation of Nrf2 protects human coronary artery endothelial cells against an oxidative challenge
    (May 22, 2012 Colorado State University)
  4. Protandim does not influence alveolar epithelial permeability or intrapulmonary oxidative stress in human subjects with alcohol use disorders.
    (Apr. 1, 2012 Univ. of Colorado School of Medicine)
  5. Oxidative stress in health and disease: the therapeutic potential of Nrf2 activation
    (Aug. 2011, Oct. 15, 2011 University of Colorado at Denver)
  6. The role of manganese superoxide dismutase in skin cancer
    (Mar. 23, 2011 Louisiana State University)
  7. Protandim attenuates intimal hyperplasia in human saphenous veins cultured ex vivo via a catalase-dependent pathway
    (Mar. 15, 2011 Ohio State University)
  8. The Dietary Supplement Protandim Decreases Plasma Osteopontin and Improves Markers of Oxidative Stress in Muscular Dystrophy Mdx Mice
    (Jun. 1, 2010 Texas Tech University)
  9. The chemopreventive effects of Protandim: modulation of p53 mitochondrial translocation and apoptosis during skin carcinogenesis
    (July 30, 2010 Louisiana State University)
  10. Chronic pulmonary artery pressure elevation is insufficient to explain right heart failure
    (Nov. 17, 2009 Virginia Common Wealth University)
  11. Protandim, a fundamentally new antioxidant approach in chemoprevention using mouse two-stage skin carcinogenesis as a model
    (Apr. 22, 2009 Louisiana State University)
  12. Synergistic induction of heme oxygenase-1 by the components of the antioxidant supplement Protandim.
    .(Feb. 1 2009 Nov. 17, 2008 University of Colorado)
  13. The induction of human superoxide dismutase and catalase in vivo: a fundamentally new approach to antioxidant therapy.
    (Jan. 15, 2006 University of Colorao Denver)
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These Universities and Institutions are independently researching Protandim, oxadative stress, and the effects of oxadative stress reduction. As research continues they will add to the proof of something that we already know, that Protandim works. . .critical research will fill in and add to the details to help us better understand the human body and how disease and aging effect it.

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