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Product Truth in Advertising?

Life Vantage promotes it's products in accordance with state and federal regulations that govern the sale of health and nutritional products. The FDA has strict guidelines regarding how products can be promoted.  Click the FDA link to learn more.

The Company knows that Protandim reduces oxidative stress in the cells of the body: The key to remember is that anything we do positive nutritionally in our life will help us be healthier.  Sadly, because of genetic disposition outcome or results can vary.  Some people are able to eat like a horse and remain slim and trim, while others eat like a canary and can’t trim down.  Life does not seem fair with regard to this matter.  Some get sick while others never get sick, the exact same treatment saves one person’s life while another dies.   Life Vantage knows that Protandim improves a significant element of health, Improvement to any element of health will in some way effect the overall health.   If such an element has the ability to improve health at the cellular level empowering cells to fight for life and health, It would be un-ethical to not promote the product as such to the betterment and benefit of mankind.  Research will continue on specific diseases however, Life Vantage has evidence that the product improves health, and does no harm, even though results may vary they are, as they should, moving forward to promote and market, otherwise the company and the final consumer who may benefit lose their window of opportunity.  Those who use, and see the benefit, will continue to use the product.

A note to always remember: The offering of a product for the treatment or prevention of disease or the characteristic signs or symptoms of a disease, either expressly or by implication, renders such products a drug under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also stated that products that are not themselves hazardous can still present an indirect health hazard in that the consumer may delay or forego proven medical treatment and the use of proven drug therapies. You should consult your healthcare provider before making any significant change in your dietary program. Hopefully you and your health care provider can use this information to provide for broader, more comprehensive health options.

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