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The Protandim Opportunity?

The company Launched it's Network Marketing in the 3rd quarter of 2009:

Why such amazing growth, It’s because the company holds the patent on a product that is clinically proven to reduce cellular oxidative stress and healthier less stressed cells have a positive effect on many of the diseases that plague our society.  How does it do it? Diseases, by nature, prey on the week.  Strong healthy cells have the ability to fight off disease, and disease threats.  Protandim turns up, or turns on, healthier cell function.

This year the company is on track to make over $150 million US dollars. Antioxidants are currently a multi-billion dollar global market and the patented technology in Protandim now makes all of the other often times more expensive antioxidant supplements obsolete. So we can see strong revenue growth for the last 18 months and the next few years. Now is the time to get involved while the companies most rapid growth is expected to occur.

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