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Personal Varicose Veins Experiences

Since I began taking the products the veins in my legs appear much better.I started on Ultra Body Toddy, Mineral Toddy, Flex-Flow, and BioCalcium back in October of 1995. Since I began taking the products the veins in my legs appear much better. I have also noticed that the pain in my shoulder doesn't bother my any more. (Even though I have arthritis.)

Before I began taking SupraLife products I had two prostate surgeries. After the surgeries I still suffered from pain every now and again. I started using Pro-Flow and it works extremely well.

I also started on the weight management program on September 1, 1997 and have already lost 10 pounds in one month. I am thrilled.

My wife Jamie has heart problems and started using Ultra Body Toddy, BioCalcium, and Life Trans. At her last check-up, the doctor said she sounds better than ever and that the veins in her legs look better too.

We really like ALL the SupraLife products.


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I have Chron's disease. In January of 1995 I had 6 inches of intestine removed, after which I had some complications - which left me feeling nauseous and sick to my stomach much of the time. This caused me a lot of pain, and interfered with my eating habits and how my body absorbed the foods I ate.

Because of these complications I had to go back and have this area ballooned. I was fine for a while, then it started up again. It was at this time that a friend told me about Total Toddy.

I have been on many different types of vitamins over the years, but since I started taking Total Toddy I feel great. I now only have more energy, but my varicose veins have disappeared.


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My life has been full of pain and suffering. I was always anemic and very tired. I had migraine headaches, ovarian cysts, endomitriosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and had pressure on my sciatica nerve several times.

I had told my husband in early 1996 that I didn't want to live to be old because of all my suffering. I was in terrible pain just trying to walk. My knee joints needed to be replaced. Medicine was like poison to me. I had so many side effects that I had given up on Doctors.

Everything changed when I started taking Ultra Body Toddy.  I even started jogging again!Everything changed in October of 1996 when I heard about the Toddy products. That's when I started taking Ultra Body Toddy. Within a week I started sleeping better than I had in years. My legs and lower back didn't ache as much. I had more energy and didn't require as much sleep. I was ready to get up in the morning.

By January 1997 I started jogging. I hadn't done that in years because it was so painful to even walk. I felt like a child. I was invigorated in every way. My husband said that I didn't complain anymore.

I raised a big garden and did a lot of canning and freezing. My varicose veins didn't sting and burn like they had for years. I worked my way off the blood pressure supplements that I was getting from the health food store. I was taking the BioCalcium and Mineral Toddy too.

My stomach problems have gone away. My memory is better than it has been in 20 years. My eye problems have disappeared. My hair is thicker and my skin feels like silk. I feel like God has given me a new body. I no longer need knee surgery.

I do not have any medical insurance because when I was 19 years old I was dropped by a large insurance company because I had a recurring condition. I've bought several policies since then, but when I've needed them they wouldn't pay. I have been through bankruptcy because of my medical bills.

Thank you for helping to answer my prayers. I had prayed for years that I could find something that would give me my life back.


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