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In 1997 "The Arthritis Cure" book by Theodosakis, Adderly, and Fox, presented the results of forty years of successful medical research from around the world using two nutritional supplements--glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. At that same time Gelatin was widely publicized as useful in an arthritis formula with orange juice and liquid vitamins and minerals; publicized enough that Knox Gelatin finally took advantage of the situation and began marketing a special Knox Gelatin Arthritis Formula.

Another cartilage source that is sometimes considered is Shark Cartilage. But shark cartilage is not good for an arthritis program because it has the effect of suppressing new blood vessel development and shrinking existing blood vessels. This would decrease the flow of supportive nutrients into the joint. Shark cartilage is best used as part of a cancer treatment program, where limiting the growth of new cells is a desirable result.

Most likely you've heard of one of the above nutrients. But the one you probably haven't heard of is chicken cartilage. Excerpts from a 1993 double blind study by Harvard Medical School (click here to read excerpts) show conclusively that chicken cartilage provides improvement in joint pain and tenderness, and four of the patients that were taking chicken cartilage had "complete remission" of their severe active rheumatoid condition.

This level of effectiveness for rheumatoid arthritis is nothing short of a miracle. Glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and gelatin are all three a Type I Collagen, and are generally found to be ineffective with rheumatoid arthritis. Type I Collagen is a raw joint cartilage material that the body uses effectively for osteoarthritis. But Type I Collagen is not able to bypass the immune system barrier that is a major factor in rheumatoid arthritis.

Interestingly, more than a dozen comparative studies are available that show positive results for using glucosamine sulfate in comparison to NSAIDs. Glucosamine is not a pain killer, it provides raw material for the joint to repair, and in doing so has provided more symptomatic relief than the painkiller NSAID route; and obviously without the side effect of accelerating cartilage destruction!

Researches indicate that glucosamine is a more easily absorbed cartilage form that chondroitin or gelatin. We find individual success varies depending on body factors. In general the broader the form available for the body to absorb, the more options the body has for absorption.

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