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The best for less!  Shop here with us and save time and money! Quality!   Adequate quantities,  balanced ratios,  nutrient purity,  and pharmaceutical grade production are qualities we review for each product we carry.
Value!   You will also enjoy our simple value-giving size selections, instead of having to shop through the aisle of a mega-health food store or plow through some mega-supplement website store offering 30 versions and 8 sizes of every nutrient you can imagine.
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SH-Kit   (Contains Ultra Body Toddy, EFA Plus, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract, BioCalcium, Lysine, and D Stress)

Ultra Body Toddy Advanced full spectrum nutrition for active adults and for those with extra nutritional needs such as those suffering from shingles.
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EFA Plus A combination of essential fatty acids for optimum health. Essential fatty acids promote healing of skin and nerve tissue damaged by shingles.
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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Garlic is excellent for building the immune system and is also beneficial for its virus killing abilities.
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BioCalcium For nerve function and healing, and to combat stress.
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Lysine Important for healing and for fighting the virus that causes shingles. Lysine may inhibit the replication of the shingles virus.
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D-Stress Broad-based nutritional support during times of stress.
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SAVINGS: Kit Price is $10.00 lower than buying individual products.
Product #7830
(Ultra, EFA Plus, BioCalcium, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract, D Stress, and Lysine)

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