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Health Program Recommendations

The four essential nutrient groups are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. An integrated nutrition program must include adequate and optimal levels of all nutrients in these four nutrient groups. If you are healthy, and want to stay that way, recommendation #1 is that you assure your intake of these 100+ nutrients every day.

If you have poor health, and you just can't seem to change the unhealthy cycle, you need to assure a daily base of all nutrients through complete daily supplementation. With complete nutrition coverage your body will have all the raw materials available to achieve more progress with the special nutrients that are associated to your health problem.

Why do it? Literally thousands of articles from the world's most prestigious medical journals document a reduction in occurance and severity of disease through nutrition and lifestyle management. Assurance of nutrient levels is insurance against early aging, a declining immune system, and declining health.

Recommendation #1
Complete Integrated Nutrition

This program can be obtained by using Ultra Body Toddy (liquid)--since it contains the complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids--and Multi-EFA to obtain the essential fatty acids. Some individuals also take additional amounts of Mineral Toddy because their health situation indicates that additional trace minerals are needed.

The Ultra Body Toddy liquid gives more nutrition value per dollar, but is not a viable option for some people; so they choose to take Maxum Essentials (capsules).    Maxum Essentials capsules have NO colloidal mineral coverage. A Multi-EFA and Maxum Essential Capsule program should therefore also include Mineral Toddy to get full trace mineral coverage.

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