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The Liver, Kidney, Colon, Bowel and Bladder Cleanse


Because of the direct role that toxic waste plays in the disease process, it is essential that the body tissues and digestive tract be periodically cleansed of these unwanted poisons if we expect to maintain optimal health and/or see significant improvements in an existing health condition.

The best way to rapidly, yet safely, remove these toxins from the soft tissues of the body is through a modified fast which causes the liver, kidney, colon, and bowel to dump their stored toxins into the blood stream for eventual elimination via the urine and feces.


  • Between 12 to 15 fresh lemons daily for 3 days

  • About 3-4 quarts of distilled water per day for 3 days

  • A multi-herbal formula which includes the following ingredients: Fiber, Quassia Bark (approximately 50 mg), Black Cohosh Root (approximately 25 mg), Red Sage (approximately 50 mg), Golden Seal Root (approximately 10 mg) — (click here to see our BioCleanse Plus herbal formula)

  • Additional fiber tablets — (click here to see our Fiber Food Caps).

  • Honey to add for taste.

Prepare one and one half cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add to two or three quarts distilled water and mix in a little honey for taste. This will be your total intake of fluid and food of any kind for the entire day. Sip this mixture slowly throughout the day. If you become excessively thirsty or develop a headache this first day, make up another quart of the lemon and honey water and continue sipping it as needed. In addition, take eight (8) fiber tablets in the morning and three (3) capsules of the herbal combination at night. Be sure to consume plenty of the lemon water with both the fiber tablets and the herbal tablets.

Continue as on day one. Prepare another fresh batch of the lemon-honey distilled water mixture and sip throughout the day. Take eight (8) fiber tablets in the morning and increase the herbal combination to four (4) capsules in the evening.

Prepare another fresh batch of the lemon-honey distilled water mixture. Continue as on previous days, except increase the herbal combination to six (6) capsules in the evening.


Stop using the lemon water mix, but continue taking the fiber tablets. Drink any amount of tomato juice or carrot juice. You may also use white grape juice if diluted with 50% water. DO NOT CONSUME ANY CITRUS JUICES OF ANY KIND. Fresh, non-distilled, spring water may be taken in any quantity. Reduce the herbal capsules to three (3), taken in the evening with plenty of water. *Day four marks the end of the concentrated cleansing program, but continue to follow the outline given for days four and five in order to reap the full benefits of the program and avoid shocking your body.


Continue as with days four and five, but you may now add fruits and vegetables. Take the fiber tablets as before in the morning and the three (3) herbal capsules in the evening.


Add yogurt and/or cottage cheese to your diet. Reduce the dietary fiber to four (4) tablets and stop taking the herbal combination altogether.


Add whole protein foods such as chicken and fish slowly, for instance, at one meal per day. Gradually return to your normal protein intake over the next few days. You may stop taking the fiber tablets unless you do not get enough on a regular basis. If this is the case, you may wish to continue taking 6 to 8 fiber tablets indefinitely.

[by: K. Steven Whiting, Ph.D; You Can Be...Well At Any Age: Your Definitive Guide to Vibrant Health & Longevity; ©2000; pgs. 347-350.]


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