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Chicken Cartilage:  Pure Type II Collagen

Bio-Active Type II Collagen
European Chicken Cartilage

To Supplement Growth and Repair of Connective Tissue, Joints, and Articular Cartilage


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  1. What is European Chicken Cartilage?
  2. What makes European Chicken Cartilage different from gelatin?
  3. How does European Chicken Cartilage work?
  4. Are there any side effects or stomach discomfort associated with European Chicken Cartilage?
  5. Is there any proof or research that validates the effectiveness of Type II Collagen found in European Chicken Cartilage?
  6. Can I take European Chicken Cartilage with my other medication(s)?
  7. Will I be able to reduce my joint relief medication if I continue taking European Chicken Cartilage on a daily basis?
  8. How long will it take for European Chicken Cartilage to work?
  9. How many capsules of European Chicken Cartilage should I take each day?
  10. What if I am not happy with the results that European Chicken Cartilage gives me?
  11. Where does European Chicken Cartilage come from?
  12. Can you tell me what results an individual you know has had?

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Order today  --  80 mg of type II collagen per capsule. Plus 235 mg of Calcium Phosphate.
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European Chicken Cartilage has been used successfully in France for almost 20 years

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