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Chicken Cartilage:  Pure Type II Collagen

Bio-Active Type II Collagen
European Chicken Cartilage


What is European Chicken Cartilage?

European Chicken Cartilage is a Bio-Active Type II Collagen that has been scientifically proven to help arthritic patients rebuild damaged joints, tendons, and cartilage. This all-natural nutritional supplement is derived from the chicken cartilage of European range chickens that are raised drug and steroid free.

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What makes European Chicken Cartilage different from gelatin?

Chicken cartilage is the ONLY currently known source of Type II Collagen. Gelatin or Chondroitin Sulfate provides only Type I Collagen which does not work as effectively with immune-system-related forms of arthritis.

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How does European Chicken Cartilage work?

The Type II Collagen in European Chicken Cartilage naturally stabilizes the body's immune system and helps neutralize the production of abnormal molecular structures thought to be a major cause of joint misery and stiffness; especially in rheumatoid arthritis. It also provides the raw materials for human cartilage.

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Are there any side effects or stomach discomfort associated with European Chicken Cartilage?

No significant side effects of any kind have been reported by European Chicken Cartilage users; and there has been virtually no stomach discomfort of any kind reported by daily European Chicken Cartilage users.

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Is there any proof or research that validates the effectiveness of Type II Collagen found in European Chicken Cartilage?

Type II Collagen was thoroughly tested in a major double-blind controlled study at Harvard Medical School. The results of the study were published in the September 24, 1993 edition of the prestigious journal, Science in an article entitled Effects of Oral Administration of Type II Collagen on Rheumatoid Arthritis. This study proves conclusively that the Bio-Active Type II Collagen that is found in European Chicken Cartilage improved all of the major clinical symptoms of severe active joint misery. (FREE Complete Copy available via snail mail upon request)

This Harvard Study is the study referred to by Dr. Joel D. Wallach in his Dead Doctors Don't Lie lecture: "Accordingly, in 10 days all the pain and inflammation were gone; in 30 days the patients could open up a new pickle jar; and in 90 days they had maximum return of function."

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Can I take European Chicken Cartilage with my other medication(s)?

Absolutely, European Chicken Cartilage is completely safe and natural and will not interfere with any other medications you may be taking. Supplementing with European Chicken Cartilage can help reduce and maintain pain-free joint performance. Unlike pharmaceutical products that offer only symptomatic relief, European Chicken Cartilage helps not only to reduce pain and inflammation, but also directly combats arthritis by aiding normal repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joint and bones and helping improve connective tissue elasticity and cushioning.

(NOTE: It's always wise to inform your family physician before starting European Chicken Cartilage or any other remedy. Particularly if you are being actively treated for any chronic health conditions).

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Will I be able to reduce my joint relief medication if I continue taking European Chicken Cartilage on a daily basis?

The Harvard Medical School study found that several of the joint sufferers taking daily Type II Collagen from chicken cartilage were able to successfully decrease or, in some cases, eliminate joint medication. You should, of course, discuss any changes in medication with your health care practitioner.

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How long will it take for European Chicken Cartilage to work?

The effects of daily European Chicken Cartilage use are cumulative and long lasting. Many satisfied users report joint relief benefits within 7-13 days. Others experience the major joint relief benefits in 2-4 weeks. Remember, European Chicken Cartilage helps the body heal itself naturally, so the time it takes to get positive clinical results will vary with each individual.

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How many capsules of European Chicken Cartilage should I take each day?

The recommended initial daily amount is one to two capsules per day. Starting dose is one capsule with an increase to two or three capsules after 5 to 10 days. After 4 to 6 weeks the number of capsules can potentially be decreased back to one--depending on individual results and requirements.

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What if I am not happy with the results that European Chicken Cartilage gives me?

Your complete satisfaction with European Chicken Cartilage is 100% unconditionally guaranteed.

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Where does European Chicken Cartilage come from?

European Chicken Cartilage comes from Europe and has been successfully used for years by Europeans. As far as we know, we are the ONLY current U.S. distribution channel; it is not available in retail or health stores. We have been marketing European Chicken Cartilage and other supplements for almost 5 years. Call us at 1-800-943-1123 (a discounted price is available when you purchase more than one bottle!) A complete money back guarantee applies to all purchases.

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Can you tell me what results an individual you know has had?

I was scheduled to have major knee surgery in just three weeks. I decided that I might as well try this European Chicken Cartilage thing that I heard on the radio. Three weeks later, instead of surgery, I was doing deep knee bends in the doctors office. He almost fell off his stool when I did pain free deep knee bends in front of him and told him it was because I took Chicken Cartilage.

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