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Toxic Exposure

Healthy diet!

One of the main toxic elements associated with Alzheimer's Disease is aluminum. Brain cells get tangled and die off; a study has shown that aluminum is a cofactor in the formation of these neurofibrillary tangles. As people get older, their body's ability to detoxify harmful toxins like aluminum decreases, and so concentrations of toxins remain and build up to unhealthy levels. This logically explains why Alzheimer's Disease usually occurs in relation to age increases. Also explained is the fact that those with Alzheimer's Disease show higher levels of aluminum.

In a study of dialysis patients, they took 13 patients with a positive level of aluminum in their body and compared them to 13 patients with low amounts of aluminum. The whole group was subjected to two memory tests and the results were conclusive. Those with higher levels of aluminum had a moderate to considerable disturbance of mental function. [Frolich L, Reiderer, P. Free radical mechanisms in dementia for the Alzheimer's type and the potential for antioxidative treatment. Drug Research 1995; 45. Pgs. 443-446.]

With the association of aluminum to Alzheimer's Disease, the main concern is where this toxic aluminum is coming from. Many of the elderly have digestive difficulties and use antacids. While antacids may seem to help with their digestive condition, antacids are loaded with unhealthy "aluminum." A much better digestive aid would be to take a digestive enzyme supplement like Enzyme Plus.

Aluminum exposure also comes from deodorants; pots, pans, and silverware; food wrapped with aluminum foil; and non-dairy creamer, baking powder, and many brands of table salt. Minimal exposure to these items is crucial in keeping aluminum levels low.

Dangerous water!

The most alarming aluminum-containing substance is drinking water! Yes, horrifying but true. It is well documented that aluminum is added in the treatment process of over 50 percent of the water supplies in the United States.

Daniel Perl, M.D., director of the neuropathology division at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City says that if the water is purified properly no problems should occur. "But the question is, how much of it is done properly? I'm reluctant to guess," he says. Obviously, those who want to control their health process should not leave water purification a matter of "guesswork."

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